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Is ADVBackOffice right for ME?
Q. I have just one store and may expand to 3 more over the next two years I don’t want to invest thousands of dollars for a small number of locations.

Q. I have a large chain of about 25 stores spread out over 8 cities in three states. I am not a large corporation I need an efficient volume licensing rate.

Q. I don’t want to invest in different equipment

Q. I do not want to be locked into extended contracts with early penalties.Other companies are calling it month to month, asking for two months upfront and 1 month termination fee. Month-to-month but you only pay only for the period for which they used it.

Q. I need to continue to access data in the system I currently use

Q I am not going to be available and on hand to guide my employees through issues using the system and they do not have the bandwidth to spend long hours on the phone getting guidance from support

Q.  Right now I’m spending money on support, I can’t see the information I want….

For the money you spend on CPA filing sales tax, waste management, more expensive internet or cable package.

It is so easy to use that a trusted family member, partner or confidante can carry out operations on your behalf.