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Whether the economy is booming or tough times are at hand, the key to both thriving and to surviving lies in access to data and control of all your back office data and operations. ADV Back Office is a centralized web based front and back office management solution that you can access securely from anywhere.

  • Immediate and complete access and control of all operational and inventory data for individual sites or as a consolidated view.
  • Built-in instant pricing control that does not require waiting for your software vendor or their servers to refresh your prices while you continue to lose money.Adjust pricing in real time for one or all locations.
  • Intelligent and easy to user reporting that is integrated into the application and does not need to be purchased separately.

Efficient operations make the difference between falling into the red and being in the black when margins are thin. Eliminating waste, shrinkage, dead stock and errors resulting from manual and paper operations can move a location that is performing below average into an average performing location and an average performing location into an above average operation.

  • Scale back the potential for errors that result from manual and paper work with a centralized repository that allows data to be scanned in easily.
  • Detailed real time access to inventory and stock data along with intelligent reporting allow you to track and eliminate dead stock and shrinkage.
  • Intelligent and proactive inventory management is the result of empowering back office operations with the ability to respond in real time to price changes and sales numbers. Avoid overstocking or understocking. Adopt smart pricing strategies that give you an advantage in negotiations with suppliers.
  • Implement a solution that offers this level of agile, functionality rich back office management for less than what it costs for garbage removal service each month. There is no additional equipment purchase required.

  • Implementation will not disrupt your normal operations and any data conversion or transition from a different system will be handled efficiently. Our promise of a quick and pain free implementation is one we can actually back up which sets us apart from providers who promise installation in minutes or hours and often cannot deliver.
  • Comprehensive remote training support and webinars are available, pre and post installation.
  • The simple easy to use application design will have you up and running in no time supported by comprehensive online documentation.
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